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The Evolution of a Band

Ice Age has entered a brand new phase in its development as a band. Here are some samples of the band's current material, which hold echos of their old style, but has evolved into something truly original, contemporary and invigorating.

Originally bitten by the progressive metal bug in the 90's, Jimmy and Josh plunged ahead with an all-out melodic, heavy prog attack, reminiscent of Rush and Kansas, and in the vein of contemporary major-label technique-kings Dream Theater. Along the way, the band released 2 successful and highly acclaimed albums on progressive rock's then flagship label, Magna Carta Records.

The band remains fiercely proud of its achievements in the prog-rock arena, and believes it offered a real "alternative" to the glut of "all-tehnique, no song" offerings still prevalent in that genre. Both albums are still readily available worldwide.