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Endorsement news
We are proud to announce that Ice Age / Soulfractured drummer Hal Aponte has just inked a new endorsement deal with Silverfox Drumsticks / Grover Pro Percussion. While both parties are working on the finalized details we know that Hal couldn't be more pleased.

"I recently decided to tryout a pair of Silverfox Drumsticks and I was extremely impressed. These sticks were very solid and completely responsive. Silverfox Drumsticks won't be a well hidden secret for very much longer. Pick up a pair now. You won't believe what you've been missing !!! "

Hal will add a combination of 5B, 5A, 7A model drumsticks, Silverfox retractable wire brushes and mallets to his arsenal.

Ice Age reborn
Thousands of Ice Age fans around the world have long been clamoring for some news of the band's status. After our Headway Festival appearance in Holland last year, we returned to the states and discussed at length the future direction of the band. We all agreed it was time for a fresh start.

Developing the more concise and song-oriented style we hinted at with the LITTLE BIRD EP even further, Ice Age was reborn as Soulfractured. Catchy, heavy, and melodic, the band still maintains the striking musicianship that has always set them apart. At our new website, www.soulfractured.com, you can hear samples of some new music we've been working on. Please join our e-mail list so we can keep you up to speed with Soulfractured performance dates, merchandise, and other news.

Monday, October 13, 2003
This was quite a weekend for us! Saturday night, Josh, Jimmy and Mike joined Fingers live in the studio for WBAB's Metal Shop. Roadrunner recording artist Life Of Agony were also on hand and new Ice Age material had its broadcast premiere, with "Over And Over" and "Scatter" mixing into the station's play list.

Thin Lizzy made hard rock shockwaves in Farmingdale on Sunday night, and Ice Age warmed up the throngs of faithful Long Islanders in attendance. Blazing through a 40-minute set, the band gave The Downtown a sneak peak at songs we're currently refining in the recording studio, including "A Fine Line" and "Little Bird," as well as "Beneath The Wheel," a song that's been in development since before Doug and Mike joined the band.

In the audience we spotted Tony Harnell and Bruno Ravel, both great friends of the band, and also Josh's band mates in Westworld. Tony is hard at work on the next TNT record, and we're thrilled to have him there to support us. Luminaries aside, we are incredibly grateful for the support we've seen from friends, family (Bob Furey has become the fifth member of Ice Age) and new fans that we're making with every show!

More appearances are in the works, so continue to visit our website, and check in with us periodically.

Friday May 30, 2003
Josh, Jimmy, Mike and Doug broke the "ice," so to speak with their first live show as a band together at Don Hills recently. Prerequisite club promoter drama aside, the band tore through a set of brand new material to the delight of fans, both old and new. If you've yet to hear samples of our new material, click on the LISTEN button on the navigation bar.

Check back here regularly for more area shows we're working on booking, or just join the FAN CLUB and we'll send out bulletins to advise you of our goings on.

New Drummer
Mike Furey, the "million-dollar kid," auditioned for Ice Age on his 15th birthday in January, and was offered the job soon after. more>

New Material
New songs are available for download at our Listening page. A few more will be added to the list in the next few months. more>

New Studio.
After recording two albums and two demos at the "Caves of Ice" studio in Copiague NY, Ice Age is moving to a new recording facility (still to be named!), which is currently being built. As soon as their new studio is ready, Ice Age will start recording more of their new material, so check our listening page for more new songs in the near future.