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Doug Odell - Bass & Vocals      

As a renowned player, Doug beat out the competition and landed the bass chair with modern/prog rockers Ice Age in 2001. He’s since graced the artist gallery at Spectorbass.com, been interviewed by Bass Player magazine, and has been featured with the Long Island legends in both Billboard and Goldmine.

His electric bass arsenal includes 4- & 5-string instruments built by Stuart Spector and 48th Street Custom Shop, as well as his coveted Fender Jazz reissue.

Doug got his first exposure to music at a very young age working in the family business, which happened to be a small pipe organ building firm. Holding keys while his father tuned the pipes (Doug would later become an accomplished tuner himself), inspired Doug to study piano with private teachers and eventually form his first band with his brother Ed on bass.

High school and college years found Odell playing keyboards and electric bass in many cover and original bands. He eventually shifted his focus to bass exclusively and studied rock with Greg Filene and jazz with Steve Fix.

In 1992 he began voice study with Richard Meyer. Doug's early influences were The Beatles, Queen and Kiss, just to name a few. His list of bass heroes includes Tom Hamilton, Geddy Lee, Doug Pinnick, Bob Daisley, Tony Franklin, Hugh McDonald, Eddie Jackson, Jason Scheff, Ross Valory and Jaco Pastorius.


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