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(CD) MA-9051-2 © 2001 Magna Carta

All music written, arranged and performed by Ice Age. Lyrics by Josh Pincus, except for "The Guardian of Forever", by Aponte/Pincus. Produced by Jimmy Pappas and Josh Pincus. Recorded and mixed by Jimmy Pappas; assisted by Josh Pincus. Cover photo, back cover and tray card by Jimmy Pappas. Recorded and mixed during 2000 in the Caves Of Ice, Copiague, NY.

Line Up    
Jimmy Pappas - Guitars
Josh Pincus - Vocals & Keyboards
Arron DiCesare - Bass
Hal Aponte - Drums
1. Lhasa Road (No Surrender)
2. March of the Red Dragon
3. The Blood of Ages
4. A Thousand Years
5. When you're Ready

       6. Musical Cages
 7. Monolith
 8. The Guardian of Forever
 9. Howl
10. The Wolf
11. To Say Goodbye
      Part III: Still Here
12. Tong-Len

Lhasa Road  3:41s
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Blood Of Ages  2:47s
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Musical Cages  0:55s
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Still Here  1:20s
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The Guardian Of Forever 0:59s
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A Thousand Years  0:34s
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