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Mike Furey - Drums      

As far back as 1994 Mike, at the age of 6, began playing on a full drum kit. In 1998 he began private lessons at home from local music teachers from school.

Finally in 1999 Mike met up with Bobby Rondinelli (formally of Black Sabbath and currently of Blue Oyster Cult) who himself holds legendary status as a double bass drum player He began working with Mike on basic & advanced double bass rudiments.

Shortly thereafter Mike was introduced to john Micelli of Meatloaf who started working on Mikes hand skills in addition to Bobby concentrating on his feet skills. Mike remains an active student to this day.

Mike has performed on numerous occasions with Bobby Rondinelli's band "Pyramid", which features George Cintron on lead guitar and vocals (formally of Enrique Inglesias Band) and Danny Miranda on bass guitar (currently with Blue Oyster Cult).

In addition, Mike was the drummer for the Godsmack tribute band "Awake". During his year tour with Awake, performed in venues such as the Chance theater in Poughkeepsie, A's Rocking sport club in NJ, the "Spot" in Massachusetts and many other local clubs.


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