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"The Great Divide"
(CD) MA-9028-2 © 1999 Magna Carta

All music written, arranged and performed by Ice Age. Lyrics by Josh Pincus. Produced, engineered and mixed by Jimmy Pappas; assisted by Josh Pincus. Cover art by Jimmy Pappas. Recorded and mixed during the summer and fall of 1998 in the Caves Of Ice, Copiague, NY. Total time of the CD: 74:26

Notes   Tracks

Ice Age's debut CD was released world wide in june of 1999 and should be available at your local music store. Reviews of the CD have been posted for you to read or you can form your own opinion by downloading and listening to samples from the CD.

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  1. Perpetual Child
  2. Sleepwalker
  3. Join
  4. Spare Chicken Parts
  5. Because Of You
  6. The Bottom Line
  7. Ice Age
  8. One Look Away
  9. Miles To Go
  10. To Say Goodbye
    part 1: Worthless Words
    part 2: On our Way
Line Up    
Jimmy Pappas - Guitars
Josh Pincus - Vocals & Keyboards
Arron DiCesare - Bass
Hal Aponte - Drums

1.Perpetual Child - 3:41s
Real Audio (G2  8KHz - 1.10MB)
Wav (Mpeg Layer3 - 1.26MB)

2. Sleepwalker - 2:47s
Real Audio (G2  8KHz-851 KB)
Wav (Mpeg Layer3 - 979KB)
Wav (11khz, 8bitPCM - 0.67MB)

3. The Bottom Line - 0:46s
Real Audio (G2 8KHz-233 KB)

4. Spare Chicken Parts - 0:55s
Real Audio (G2 8KHz - 281 KB)
Wav (Mpeg Layer3 - 323 KB)


5. Join 1:20s
Real Audio (G2   8KHz - 405 KB)

6. Miles To Go 0:59s
Real Audio (G2   8KHz - 252 KB)

7. Worthless Words 0:34s
Real Audio (G2   8KHz - 173 KB)